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We strive to improve the quality of leadership in our communities through youth development, we aim to secure the future of Africa at large through the education of youths, with recourse to resources other than the traditional,  promoting self-development and a core belief system; empowering them through entrepreneurship and skills acquisition/enhancement.

  • • to implement projects that will enable underprivileged youths and rural area dwellers to economically sustain themselves in a fast changing world.
    • to start a revolution of change that will transform the face of technology through innovation and discovery of young gifted individuals
    • to channel youths towards investing in agriculture and developing a green community to promote small scale farming and an eco-friendly environment.
    • to advocate, intervene and solicit through different means legally available to us, the plights of the African youth; hence drawing the attention of the international community and gaining possible reprieve to the present deplorable conditions suffered by the African youths.
    • we visualize a future where no youth is excluded from the opportunity to contribute significantly to making the world a better place due to lack of opportunity to develop themselves basically.
Core Values
  • We gratefully accept the responsibility of supporting youths who have become social misfits that are in dire need of rehabilitation.
  • We are dedicated to bringing together talented and passionate individuals under one roof as volunteers, employees, sponsors and partners to deliver meaningful services to the people we serve.
  • We are committed to faithfully executing our stewardship of public funds with integrity and exemplary character.
Goals and Objectives

To form a social network of youths across Africa and the rest of the world with one goal, to unite resources, fight common challenges; create opportunities that would help each other and the world at large through:

  • Community/Campus outreach programs
  • Youth conferences
  • Skill Acquisition and Training
  • Talent harnessing.
  • Career re-orientation and fair.

What we do to help...

YOGA plans to establish youth centers across the continent (Africa). The youth centers would include state of the art library, internet facilities, gaming facilities, swimming pools, cinemas, among others. The youth centers would be managed by the youths themselves, overseen by the governing body of YOGA initiative. Usage would be strictly by membership and a token by non members for services rendered.

The YOGA initiative would from time to time put up sports and debate competitions for our teaming youths in the secondary schools and universities, with good prize money and incentives to promote healthy competition, learning and entertainment among them.

The YOGA youths, as their cooperate social responsibility and in a bid to help the environment would engage in humanitarian activities in the cities or states where its activities are taking place in any particular time.

The YOGA initiative would also hold cardinal, the issue of global warming in its campaigns. And the ways the youths and the rest of the society could help to cut down destructive habits and emissions with neg and emissions with negative impact on the environment.

The empowerment segment of the center would cut across fashion designing, modeling. Movies, acting, directing, makeup, etc.

Music-singing, studio production, Instrumentals, Events management and packaging.


I.T-graphics, animations etc.

Mini Libraries and Research centers.

YOGA plans to establish mini libraries and research centers on campuses and secondary schools to encourage and improve the reading habits of youths across Africa.

YOGA would vehemently embrace agriculture in various regions across Africa where lands would be solicited for cultivation, animal husbandry, going green and other agricultural procedures. Our motive is to decently get the youths back to agriculture, build the sector, consolidate it and take full charge of its profitability.

Most of its agricultural produce harvested would be processed into world standard end products that would only be sold affordably to the public at YOGA initiative supermarkets across the world to avoid imitations and thereby destroying the effort of the youths at making the world a better place.

Part of the produce would also serve as stand fronts for YOGA world class restaurants run by the youths to provide services for a wide range of clientele, bordering on hygiene, delicacy, precision and so many more but strictly very affordable. The idea is to provide a rich meal in a cosy environment at a cheap price to any class of individual.

YOGA would at strategic times of the year host shows cum conferences at different locations across Africa. The idea of the show is not just to converge and have fun but to add value to the youths while they are entertained. As world acclaimed achievers and motivational speakers from diverse fields and continents would be invited to make speeches, lift the soul of our youths, teach them the virtues that led to their stardom and achievements and so much more.

Also in the shows to entertain, would be African born music stars with good messages and their international counterparts with good messages as well. The stars borne out of YOGA youth centers would also in such shows be launched unto the international scene for maximum productivity.

YOGA plans to establish a network of both local and satellite TV broadcast, which would feature the activities of YOGA, motivational speeches from renowned achievers’ past and present, gospel based motivational/salvation. It would also feature a wide array of programmes and events that would be suitably tailored for the enlightenment, empowerment and entertainment of the youths. The radio and internet broadcast would likewise do the same.

Are you an inventor/innovator? Are you a software app developer? Are you a mechatronics or robotics engineer?  Do you have smart city ideas and designs? Are you a man gifted with extraordinary tech designs? Are you a space scientists? Your educational background isn’t an issue at all.  Kindly click here to sign up!
YOUTHS FOR GREATER AFRICA INITIATIVE in partnership with RIVERS STATE UNIVERSITY…a foremost University of science and technology and our European partners Presents THE PORTHARCOURT INT’L SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FAIR / EXPO
The greatness of Nigeria/Africa just kick started, brace yourself for the impact! 
YOGA Initiative…building a community of greatness! 
For more information please call
Jerry Freeborn @ +2348037797354
Prof. Christopher O. Ahiakwo (Desk Officer- Research and development Rivers state University) @ +2348033449277
Alero Casandra  @ +2347036999659

Our Team

Omelu Jerry Freeborn
Int'l President/Founder
Elinam Enyonam de-Souza
Int'l Vice President
Okoroleju Alero Cassandra
Secretary General
Joy Ogonnaya
Int'l Coordinator, United Kingdom
Kechi Ohaka Nice
Lead Girl Advocate on Gender Issues.
Major Diamond
Director, Youth Development and Quick Impact Projects
Donatus Uchechukwu
International Coordinator/FSO, Sweden

Locate Us

9 Ideozu Close, By 107 Street, Tombia Extension, GRA Phase III, Port Harcourt.


Nigeria: +2348037797354, +2347036999659
Ghana: +233243672815
U.K.: +447400884444

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